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The Company

In 1976, Stereo Types opened our doors in Charlottesville, VA with the purpose of providing the finest brands and support for stereo enthusiasts throughout central VA.

Fast-forward to now..  clients just like you have afforded us the ability to evolve our mix of products and services, expand the areas we operate in… all without retreating to a warehouse with a no-showroom approach or turning into a low-service, big-box/internet company.

Ego aside, no one stays in business for 25+ years by accident or because they were lucky.  They find their niche and they stick with it, making small adjustments to remain relevant.

Our new, high-tech audio/video & automation systems showroom is still based on Charlottesville, VA, however our merger in 2013 with Richmond, VA-based CGS Technologies; a technology systems engineering & specification company; has allowed us to expand our business beyond the Central VA region as we now service clients throughout the country who  appreciate the same concierge-like service that has kept clients just like you doing business with us for more than 25 years.

Stereo Types team of experts are sure to deliver an exceptional experience during, and following your purchase.  Our mix of product solutions has grown from humble beginnings with amps, speakers, turntables and tape decks to the latest high-tech entertainment, networking and productivity solutions for your home or business.

From Headphones to Home Theaters; Intercoms to Video Conference; CDs to Music Streaming; TVs to Projection Video Systems; Network Wiring to Campus Networks, Stereo Types has your high-tech needs covered.

The Team

Stereo Types staff is a team of highly-trained experts, each of which possessing a minimum of 10 years in audio/video/automation systems .

Only by having clients like you, is it possible that Stereo Types has been able to retain and expand our team of experts in order to continue delivering personalized, concierge-like service.

Unlike the typical technology store business model of hiring low-cost employees and then trying to train them to do every job in the company, Stereo Types team is made of up experts who are heavily vested in their specific job rolls.  An Installer doesn’t need to clutter their minds with also learning how to work the sales floor… the sales team isn’t expected to toss on  a pair of jeans and a service shirt to install the TV they sold you.

That said, our project managers and engineers all possess the skills of the sales, install and programming teams; thus unlike most privately held companies in our business, there is not this issue of the 1 person who has the keys to the kingdom so-to-speak.

What makes Stereo Types different?

Anyone can sell you a black box... but no one delivers the support during and; more importantly; after the sale like Stereo Types.

No one buys a Mercedes because it’s cheapest…

…No one buys a Ferrari because they’re looking for reliable daily driver…

…And no one buys a Honda because they want a car that can deliver speeds of 200MPH while riding in the lap of luxury.

Most of us have 1 reason we make those initial purchases of something that’s beyond the utilitarian reason for owning that thing.  For some it’s something we’ve wanted since we were kids.  For some it’s because we are willing to accept nothing less.  For some we might want to make our neighbor jealous.

Regardless  of why we make our decisions, what keeps us loyal to those products or the place we make those purchases is often not the brand, it’s the people we engage with who sell and support the brand.

Audio/Video & Technology is no different than cars.  Some products are better, some worse.  Some products are more expensive because of their reliability, some because they push the limits of the electronic components in which they are built from, resulting in the best performance.  Some are just considered good bang for the buck.  Sound familiar?

Understanding the intricacies of what makes something the right solution for you is what only a knowledgeable team of experts can deliver.  A staff of folks who possess years of experience with many different products who not only understand how a single component performs, but understands how it performs when it becomes part of  a compete system.

Answering a call or a text message on a Saturday night, long after closing time when you have a house full of people and you can’t remember how to turn on the speakers in the kitchen because it’s been while since you used them… does the bog box store, the electrician, the craigslist guy or the internet do this?

So getting back to that question, “What makes Stereo Types different?”

Well, it’s us…  It’s Our team.

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