Sit back and relax with your family as you watch a movie in your home theater. Without leaving your chair: adjust lighting, adjust climate, navigate your audio/video library, and quickly display your property’s surveillance system on your TV or movie screen.

Let Stereo Types show you how easy it is to bring tomorrow’s technology home today!

Home Theater, Surround Sound & Whole-House Music Systems

At Stereo Types, making home theater, surround sound and whole-house music systems work for our clients has been fundamental to the success of our company.

The passion we have for audio/video systems, combined with the creative expertise of our design and installation teams are how we consistently deliver the WOW-factor into your home while making it blend in naturally with your home’s decor.

Whether you are interested in a state-of-the-art Home Theater, surround sound, whole-house music system with in-ceiling speakers or perhaps  something as simple as wireless speakers by SONOS paired with a wall-mounted Sony 4k TV, Stereo Types provides sales, service and support for all these solutions.

And when it comes to making it easy to use, eliminating the 5 remotes and cheat-sheets on how to watch a DVD is a big part of the value Stereo Types brings to you… this level of expertise & concierge-like service is simply impossible for big-box retailers to deliver.

Smart-Home Automation, Lighting & Environmental Controls

Long before the buzz phrases, Smart Home and Home Automation… Before ADT, Amazon, Comcast, Google decided to offer their idea of “Smart-home” as a monthly subscription, StereoTypes was pioneering the industry, developing and commissioning systems as early as the 1990s.

Whether a simplified method of operating your audio/video system, automatic control of your lights and shades, operating your thermostats while traveling, or checking your video cameras from your smart-phone Stereo Types welcomes the opportunity to assist your family in making technology blend seamlessly into the way you live.

Ready to get the facts on what Home Automation is really all about and learn how to ensure you chose the right solution for your home?  Learn More

Networks & Wi-Fi

While reliable internet access is obviously a key service in today’s home, the reality is today’s home network is responsible for delivering many of today’s entertainment, security and life safety communications.

In fact, even today, though we are quick to get frustrated with our devices or internet providers, the reality (in most cases), what’s really to blame is a poor technology foundation – Your network.

In this era of mobile devices, social media, streaming music and videos, the need for a robust network has surpassed being considered a luxury.

In fact, today, we are closer to the end of services such as cable TV and land-based phone lines then we are their creation.  All content we have consumed for years will be delivered over the internet.  This reality means the modem your internet provider rents you or the cheap wi-fi router from the big box store is simply not the kind of solution most of us require.  Learn More

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